Pharmaceutical Range

Neumo MaxPure® ASME BPE Tubes & Fittings offer the benefits of – 

  • All tubes & fittings from ½”-6.0” are stocked in our UK warehouse
  • SF1 & SF4 materials available off the shelf
  • Maximum clean ability
  • Full Traceability
  • Every fitting is 100% inspected and is in total compliance with the ASME BPE standards
  • Butt Weld and Clamp Ended fittings in stock
  • All fittings are fabricated from 316L Stainless Steel with the compliant Sulphur restriction of 0.005-0.017% achieving superior repeatability for automatic closed head orbital welding
  • MaxPure® is the first fully approved fittings manufacturer to be approved to the ASME BPE standard
  • Din11864 unions available from stock
  • Each fitting and process component is permanently marked
  • All tubes and fittings are capped, bagged, and labelled in full compliance with the ASME BPE standard.
  • Every label includes a QR code which directs to the products unique Material Test Report

Neumo’s commitment to the UK biotech and pharmaceutical is unsurpassed in service, quality and price competitiveness.

We are the only UK supplier to be capable of supplying all of the ASME BPE, Hygienic and Nominal Bore, stainless steel tube/pipe and fittings from one warehouse, next day, for projects, skid builds and day-to-day component needs.

As part of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group, a diversified multi-national organization headquartered in Germany, the group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of process fittings and components.